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Studies show children & elders benefit from sharing family stories.

One of the things that motivates folks to create a video biography is to leave behind a legacy of life stories for the enjoyment of their children, grandchildren and generations yet unborn. But academic research is showing that kids get more than just fun out of learning family stories.

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Video Killed The Radio Star

The Importance of Incorporating an Effective Promotional Video Into Your Marketing Arsenal

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Peace Tree Video in the Media

Thanks to the media, our reputation for creating effective video productions is spreading.

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The Importance of Promotional Video Productions

When it comes to your brand, organization or business, it is extremely important to stay current with regards to effective marketing strategies.

Text is the past, but Video is the now…the present and the future.

Whether you are starting a new company or promoting a new line of products, it is imperative to get noticed. Separate yourself from all of the noise. Create awareness of your company through the use of an effective promotional video production.

For a promotional strategy that works, create a marketing tool that people will notice. Video is exactly what you need to incorporate into your on-line sales pitch. A promotional or “how to” video posted on YouTube and on your company’s own website can do wonders to attract clients.

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Persuading Elders To Record Their Family History On Video

Many of our elders are hesitant to have the stories of their lives captured on video. Some are fearful of the camera and are intimidated by their perceived notion of the interview experience. Others are simply humble or don’t believe that their stories are worthy of being told. Here are a few ways to approach the more resistant elders of your family, as well as some ideas about how to actually conduct their family history interview.

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