Video Killed The Radio Star

The Importance of Incorporating an Effective Promotional Video Into Your Marketing Arsenal

What Is a Promotional Video?

Video marketing goes by several different names including “promo video,” “promotional video,” “corporate video,” “product video”… But basically it’s a video promoting yourself, your services, your products, or your company.

What are some ways to use a promotional video?

  • Record customer testimonials on videos and upload them to YouTube. Then tweet about these videos, or mention them on Facebook, to get people to see them.
  • Create videos to answer your customers‟ most frequently asked questions, including questions they should ask but possibly don't know to ask.
  • Does your company adhere to some painstaking quality control standards?
  • Show these extra steps on video.
  • Even if your competitors follow the same processes, you will come to “own” the quality control standards with your videos.
  • The rule of thumb is that when people see the steps you take to make a quality product, they place a higher value on it.
  • Demonstrate how your product is used.
  • Show it in action, show how easy it is to use or how it solves a problem.
  • Don’t assume your customers already know everything.

The Power of Storytelling

Promotional video provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with customers.
My mantra regarding video is **MORE EMOTION, LESS PROMOTION**

To be effective, your promotional video needs to make an emotional connection with your target audience.

Compelling and engaging storytelling is the most important element of successful content.

Your customers have business problems that they are highly motivated to find solutions for.
What if they could see something of themselves in the stories that your promotional videos told?


#1 – Be brief

Depending on the purpose, your promo video should be 2-6 minutes long. 

But more important than the actual length, you must: **Grab attention and keep interest**

The goal should be to make people want to learn more about your product or service or program.

They should lead them to want to take action – go to website, read more on website, make a phone call etc.

Audience attention is a precious commodity, and you can’t afford to squander it with poorly executed promotional videos.

#2 – Use the right talent and Create the right content

Who will create the best image for your product, company or organization?

You have the power to create your image, and to create your brand.

Try to use talent that will stand the test of time. You don’t want to keep revising your video because your main talent is no longer a part of the company.

Writing for spoken word is different that writing for readers, and good soundbites are very important.

# 3 - Quality Counts

Maybe your viewers don’t know exactly what makes a quality video, but they can perceive the difference between professional quality and one that just looks cheap or hard to follow. 

Remember, this is your image. The quality of your video will create an image of the quality of your business to your viewers.

Treat it like every other piece of marketing material.

A quality video is not simply the most expensive one that you can produce, but one where you have used your resources strategically, making it a piece that reflects the qualities of your business.

The audio track plays a very important role. It’s critical to have a clean audio track with clear voice-over using someone who is easy to understand.
Background noise, echoes, inappropriate music scores or distorted audio can seriously damage the perception of an otherwise high quality video.

# 4 – Consistent Brand

Everything associated with your business should have a common theme or emotional feeling to it. 

Your video, like any other marketing piece, should present a consistent message about your image, as well as the features, benefits and qualities of your product or service. 

This consistency will give you a better chance at establishing your brand in the marketplace.

# 5 – Promote, Promote, Promote

Having the best video in the world only helps your marketing efforts if you USE IT. 

With the new interactive media, now it is easier than ever to do. 

Share it with your friends, coworkers, professional connections, use it for your presentations, put it on your website, publish it on YouTube.

Promotional video can also make an overall campaign more effective.

According to a Forbes study, 65% of executive-level decision makers visit company websites after viewing a video.
And 75% of senior marketing executives say that integrating video into email campaigns increases click through rates.

What are the Benefits of a Quality Video?

Free 24 hour marketing capabilities on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and your website.

Audiences retain 50% more information from watching video

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