Family History Videos

A Family History video preserves your family’s most treasured memories and will help keep your traditions and ideals alive for generations to come. In this enduring video, we beautifully combine the valuable stories of your family’s heritage with the important elements of your family’s genealogy including pictures, music and memorabilia.

Jeff Winston has the expertise, compassion, and sensitivity to put your family members at ease and help guide them through the interview process. In whatever setting you choose, Jeff will listen carefully to the subject and draw out the most important and compelling information.

Premium Family Legacy Video

Our Premium Family Legacy Video is our most popular package and typically includes interviews with elder family members integrated with relevant photographs, home movies, and historical footage. The video typically averages 60 to 75 minutes in length. Up to four customized DVDs of the edited master are included in this package, complete with creatively designed DVD labels and cases.

Biography Interview Video

The Biography Interview Video package offers an unedited version of your loved one’s interview. This raw video is completely untouched and will run the entire length of the interview (typically two to four hours.) Two DVD copies are included in this package. An upgrade to The Premium Family Legacy Video package can be added in the future.

We will travel to any desired location to create your video. And we can combine the individual life stories of couples or of multiple siblings into one collaborative family history.

Whichever Family History Video package you choose, expect this gift will remain a valued heirloom for future generations to enjoy.